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Rise and Fall

by Page One Theatre

physical-theatre-and-circus, children-and-family

Come and explore an ecosystem of balloons: universes in miniature.

about the production

In Rise And Fall you’ll meet all manner of balloons from small floating moons to vast bouncing orbs. Forever expanding and contracting, balloons are free to float, fly and sway. Hold your breath and go sailing away. Rise and Fall is a poetic and intriguing performance for young audiences about holding on and letting go. Suitable for ages 2+

about the artist

Page One Theatre are a company of collaborators creating visual theatre for young audiences. We believe that children should be offered inspirational theatrical experiences. We aim to inspire, challenge and feed imaginations. Combining movement and object puppetry we produce original and vibrant new performances for children and their families. Page One Theatre are a graduate Creative Talent company, a scheme run by Creative Youth to support companies develop themselves as a sustainable arts companies. Page One were also part of the Theatre-Rites Mentorship and Development Program. Throwing open the doors to the theatre world for those at the beginning of their journey.

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stage dimensions

width: 5 metres

height: 5 metres

depth: 5 metres

Lighting: 3 part front cover, SR, SC and SL, Soft Special USL, Soft Gobo Special USL, Soft SC/SR Special, Top Wash Blue, Top Wash Lavender, Green Cross Gobo Wash, Pink Cross Wash, Amber Cross Wash, Cross/Back Light Green Wash, SC/SR Top Light Special. Show file is ETC Ion. Page One will provide Gels and Gobos.

Sound: To run cue lab.

Space configuration: The performance works best in an open studio format where the audience
sit on cushions or equivalent on the flat floor close to the performance space, but can also be
played in larger spaces with fixed seating.


Ages 2+ and their families

“A fun and fascinating production"

"A unique, poetic, physical theatre experience"

"A perfect invitation to let your imagination weave its own story"

The piece is non-verbal, so suitable for deaf audiences or those who do not speak English. The performance is relaxed so suitable and welcoming for those with access needs.

Optional stay and play with balloons in the playing space, depending on the audience capacity.

£800 for two shows in one day.