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The Minotaur

by All Greek To Me

children-and-family, physical-theatre-and-circus

,This timeless tale of love requited and love betrayed is told with a distinctive mix of storytelling, physical theatre and music.

about the production

At the heart of the labyrinth, the Minotaur skulks. It is the ultimate monster, waiting only to devour you whole. Or is he a person, misunderstood and turned into a monster by those who should care for him? His sister, Ariadne, loves him, but she also loves the great hero Theseus. Who will she save and what will escape from the labyrinth? With their distinctive mix of storytelling, physical theatre and music, All Greek To Me tell this timeless tale of love requited and love betrayed.

about the artist

All Greek To Me are a story-telling, physical theatre company based in Brighton. We make accessible, thrilling theatre that engages the heart and the mind. We are the brainchild of the theatre-maker Andy Hoggarth and a collaboration with the best creative talent in and around Brighton. The Minotaur is our second production, in 2019 we presented The Odyssey to thrilled audiences at the Brighton Open Air Theatre in the Brighton Fringe Festival. - Energetic Storytelling - Exciting Physicality - Explosive Music - Engaging Ideas -

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stage dimensions

width: 8 metres

height: 5 metres

depth: 8 metres

- Length of show: 90 mins - no interval. An interval can be organised by arrangement.
- Number of Performers: 11
- Number in touring company: 12 (11 performers+ 1 stage manager/sound engineer)
- Venue: Suitable for outdoor performance.
- Performance space: Flexible but aim for rough minimum 8 - 10 metre semi-circle, arena stage.
- Lighting: Non required for daytime performance. Basic cover for evening performances.
- Sound: P.A. for playback and microphones. 4 microphones (SM58 equivalent) and stands.
- Get-in: 3 hours.
- Get-out: 1 hour.

Family audiences (suitable for 7+ years); fans of mythology or classical stories; fans of physical and storytelling theatre; the accessible storytelling style make this show particularly suitable for developing new audiences; the mix of theatre styles make the show highly useful for drama and performing arts students.

"...imaginative movement, dance and music; brilliantly inventive physical theatre; and a hugely talented group of actors."

"So powerful was the illusion that it felt as if the ancient Cretan mosaics and frescos of the Bull-Leapers had come to life in front of me."

"I’d happily have sat in a puddle with Dionysus for ages, as long as it meant I could enjoy every moment of this spirited production."

Highly accessible. Physical theatre movement backed up by narration and music.

Workshops: Company members include teachers and experienced workshop leaders. Workshops that explore the themes and storytelling/physical theatre techniques can be arranged for all age groups and levels of experience.

Box office split.

All cast members tested and vaccinated.
Direction modified to reduce physical contact in show and maintain distance from audience.