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Extreme Improv Comedy Show

by Sparky Buddy Productions

comedy, theatre

Hilarious improvised comedy!

about the production

The Extreme Improv Comedy Show is a fast paced competetive improvised comedy show where comedians battle each other with comedy to be the funniest and win the Extreme Improv Championship belt! Featuring dozens of unique improv challenges created for Extreme Improv the performers make up scenes, songs and stories based entirley on audience suggestions. There are even opportunities for the audience to get involved in the action. With unique improv challenges such as Dance Battle, Question Kombat and the Dreaded Gemini Scene, Extreme Improv is a hilarious show which is different every night and you never know what might happen!

about the artist

Extreme Improv have been touring improvised comedy shows since 2010, and have performed all over the UK and the world. Venues and festivals the Extreme Improvisers have performed at include The San Fransisco Improv Festival, The Tokyo Comedy Store, Central Florida Improv Festival, Copenhagen International Improv Festival, Brighton Fringe, Camden Comedy Club, Nottingham Glee Club, Alaska State Improv Festival, ATG Waterside Theatre, Coventry Comedy Festival, Hastings Fringe Comedy Festival, Phoenix Arts Club, Sheffield Local Theatre and many more.

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stage dimensions

width: 2 metres

height: 2 metres

depth: 2 metres

The show is very flexible from a technical stand point. If your venue has the following available we can make use of it, but if it doesn't we can work around it:
Hand Mics,

Flexible to be suitable for all ages. We are primarily a show for adults, but also The Extreme Improv Kids Show which is specifically designed for a younger audience.

Fans of improv, stand up, comedy, pop culture and people who enjoy an interactive show.

An hour of sublime fun; the most delicious blend of comic timing and mastery of language. As the show drew to a close we were left wanting more.


I like this group. They're funny and peculiar and bring joy.

Tony Slattery (Whose Line Is It Anyway?)

I hurt from laughing. Fantastic evening. Very talented. Some very bizarre moments which made the night. If you haven't been.. .. go!


We're a very inclusive and accessible show, and can adapt the show for any most access requirements. This includes that we have offered relaxed performances in the past.

We can offer workshops and meet and greets with the cast.

Varies depending on venue, travel distance, size of audience and length of show required. Contact us with your needs for a quote.